On behalf of the City of Kwinana, following consultation with local, state and national stakeholders, it is our privilege to introduce the Indian Ocean Gateway.

A 50 year vision for the State’s premier industrial area.
Indian Ocean Gateway Map

The Indian Ocean Gateway

The Indian Ocean Gateway (IOG) represents the optimal, long-term solution to the infrastructure, transport, economic and environmental future of the State’s premier industrial area, and at its core is the pressing need for investment in the Outer Harbour.

The long-proposed Outer Harbour is considered the future trade nexus of container imports and freight movements in and throughout the State for the next half century. There is agreement across all political spectrums, within all associated industries and at all levels of government – the Outer Harbour is key to the future sustainability and overall success of Western Australia’s port trade.

The key question has always been not 'if', but 'when'.

The answer to the question of 'when' is immediately.

Key Benefits

  • Revenue

    It is estimated that at full build out the annual revenue generated in the IOG would be in the order of $42.4 billion with projected flow on effects in Australia of indirect sales/output of $28 billion.

  • Employment

    Current direct employment of 13,757 people is expected to triple to 37,383 employees and generate indirect employment for a further 49,657 employees.

  • Benefits to congestion

    Construction of the Outer Harbour is the best solution for addressing Perth’s freight congestion issues.

  • Freight transport links

    There is an increasing demand for international container trade. The IOG already has in place the freight rail lines and road networks (already built or reserved) to accommodate the volume of trade projected.

  • Protected from inappropriate land use

    The IOG industry protection zone will be legislated. Residential, sensitive and incompatible land uses will be prevented from being approved within the zone.

The Indian Ocean Gateway is the answer to the complexities of competing planning, environmental, social and economic issues; issues which have been through a revolving door of debate for decades.

The Indian Ocean Gateway will align with complementary State and Federal transport and infrastructure strategies to cement Western Australia as a robust and sustainable international trade partner.

A true global competitor.

For the complete list of benefits, view the full proposal

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