On behalf of the City of Kwinana, following consultation with local, state and national stakeholders, it is our privilege to introduce the Indian Ocean Gateway.

A 50 year vision for the State’s premier industrial area.
Indian Ocean Gateway Map

The story so far...

Launched in August 2015, the Indian Ocean Gateway (IOG) proposed an optimal, long-term solution to the infrastructure, transport and economic future of the State’s premier industrial area. At its core was the pressing need for investment in an Outer Harbour - the future trade nexus of container imports and freight movements in and throughout the State.

The response to the original proposal has been overwhelming. The subject of widespread admiration and interest, the IOG has demanded the attention of the public, press and policy-makers.

Since its initial release, the IOG has been the subject of hundreds of briefings with hundreds of stakeholders. These include state and federal politicians, private industry firms, local community groups and global investment companies. Throughout this journey, insight has been gained and further detailed research has been conducted. The Indian Ocean Gateway, the Outer Harbour in particular, has cemented itself as the answer to Western Australia’s freight logistic challenges over the next century and the catalyst for a new economic future for the State, stimulating the growth of new industries that will provide jobs for generations to come.

3D image of the proposed Outer Harbour in Kwinana.

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The Indian Ocean Gateway is the answer to the complexities of competing planning, environmental, social and economic issues; issues which have been through a revolving door of debate for decades.

The Indian Ocean Gateway will align with complementary State and Federal transport and infrastructure strategies to cement Western Australia as a robust and sustainable international trade partner.

A true global competitor.

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